Fat Feeder For Your Birds

If you like to encourage birds into your garden then here's an easy to make feeder for them to dine on. There are many 'fat ball' recipes on the internet, but I think this is as simple as it gets... although it's more cylindrical than ball shaped! The two ingredients,
lard and bird food, should be available from your local super market and measuring the amount of each is straight forward. The rest is made from bits and pieces that can be found around the house

Find an old loo roll or kitchen towel tube and stick some sellotape over one end. This will be the bottom of the feeder and keeps the mix in place while it sets. (If using a kitchen towel tube, it will need cutting down to size)

Find something to make a perch, an old pencil, lolly stick or as I've used, a piece of bamboo. For a hanger, tie about 18 inches of string around the perch. I used general purpose garden tie wire that I had in the shed which works fine

Make a tiny hole in the middle of the sellotape and pass the string through and out the top of the tube

Take a block of lard (buy the cheapest you can find 'cos the birds aren't fussy) and cut it in half

Put one of the halves into a bowl and microwave for about a minute

While the lard is being nuked, start to measure out the bird food

A medium sized coffee mug can be used as a measuring gauge. One mug full is about enough for two feeders

Pour the mug of bird food into the bowl of melted lard and mix it all together

Spoon the mix into a cardboard tube and squash it down so there are no air pockets, making sure the hanging string remains central

Place in the fridge overnight or until the lard sets, after which the cardboard tube can be cut away revealing the finished feast for your feathered friends

The fat feeder after a good munching!